A Segment Record and a 10k PR

I love going out on a run and accidentally setting a PR. This happened twice this week. Strava is my running platform of choice (although my Garmin watch also pushes to Map My Run and Nike Run Club) and I have an all-time total of 662.2 miles logged in the app. That’s dating back to fall of 2015 when I started using Strava. Before this week my 10k PR (personal record) was 57:21, which I set during the first 10k at Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio in 2016. However, yesterday I set out for a run without a set plan of distance or pace. I ended up running a 10k PR and had some of the most consistent miles that I’ve ever had. Have a look, here:


Miles 2 & 3 were exactly the same, as were miles 4 & 5. I was shocked to see that and pleased with the effort. I felt great during most of the run. In the last mile, I became acutely aware of my empty stomach, as I had only had half a banana since waking up. All in all, I pushed harder than I have in awhile and won the mental battle that I’ve succumbed to numerous times in the past few months. This was the first 10k in a long time that I ran without stopping to walk.

If you’re familiar with Strava then you most likely pay attention to segments. These are mostly short areas of road or trail that are popular among runners. For each segment, there is a leader board that is broken down into daily, yearly, and all-time leaders. There is one particular segment near my neighborhood that is just over 0.3 miles long. The best/worst part of it is that it ends on a hill. It is usually where I end all of my runs in when I go from home. On Tuesday (4th of July) I went out for a quick 5k with my buddy Ethan and we ended on that segment. As we approached the start of the segment I told him that I was going to lean into it and see if I could break the current record, which also happened to be held by my by a margin of 1 second. I succeeded and extended my CR by 10 seconds.

Both of these efforts were somewhat unintentional. I hadn’t thought to try to break my segment record until I arrived at the start of it on the 4th of July, and I was unaware of my 10k PR while I was running yesterday. That’s one of the things I love about running. Some days, everything just works out. Some days I just click physically, and mentally. I’m feeling pretty solid about my training for El Chupacabra (2 weeks from today) and hope to at least compete in my age group. I definitely plan on beating Ethan, and our other friend Spencer, who are both also in my age group.


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